“Dynamic speaker, thoughtful approach…”

Communicate to Connect™ workshop participants share:

“Dynamic speaker, thoughtful approach, worthy topic.”

“The humor in the presentation was very effective and down to earth.”

“Really well-done presentation; integrated audience interactions smoothly with presentation. Clear, direct, concise.”

“This was a useful and emotionally wise set of tools and suggestions.”



“…seeing a multitude of options…”

“Being able to negotiate these temporary setbacks… seeing a multitude of options where I used to only see roadblocks… valuing my pre-thinking time instead of beating myself up for procrastination… opening myself up to recognize that I can’t possibly communicate ideas to others when they aren’t clear enough to myself…. these are just a small sampling of the areas in which I’ve grown over the past year working with you. Thank you!” – David Ng, Founder and Chief Learning Officer of Vertical Learning Labs

“…encouragement to seek my own inner peace and truth.”

“You were instrumental in helping me to work through a very uneasy time and giving me the support, care and encouragement to seek my own inner peace and truth.  You were a godsend in a really critical time in my life, and your gentle guidance, amazing insight, and deep commitment to my path helped me shift some things and make some key decisions and actions in life that brought me to where I am.” – M.A.

Your enthusiasm, your smile...when you smile, you light up the room! - L.H.

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Diversity in Community

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The Stories We Choose to Tell

Wednesday, October 21, 2015 – 2p.m. – Westford Jobseekers Network, J.V. Fletcher Library, 50 Main Street, Westford, MA In this interactive workshop, Sarah M. Kipp explores the three essential elements we use to share knowledge and experience through stories: intentionality, content, and authenticity. Every time we reach out to connect–whether we are interviewing, networking, presenting, or requesting help from...

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