Summer is here in the Northeast! Kids are out of school. Vacations are scheduled. For many of my friends and colleagues who serve in a variety of professions, summer is also a time of increased productivity, planning, and balancing of professional and personal commitments. In just eight weeks, the season and rhythm of life will change again, and many people I know use the months of July and August to lay the groundwork for the upcoming fall months.

Are you as skilled at playing as you are at working? Many of my clients can quickly rattle off eight work goals they have. They know what they want to accomplish and where they want to be in eight weeks, three months, or a year from now. Yet, when I ask about their ‘fun’ goals, some feel stumped. Others easily list a hundred things and say they have no time for any of them.

As we begin this summer, let’s name just eight. Take a moment to write a ‘Makes My Heart Sing’ list and include eight things that you would find great joy in doing this summer. Schedule them into your calendar, and make them happen! Sit in a sunbeam (with sunscreen or a wide-brim hat, of course), read a good book, explore a new trail, eat an ice cream sundae. Take the time now to name those things which will make your heart sing. Feel free to share your eight in the comments section of this post. At the end of the summer, take a moment to reflect on which you enjoyed most. Bonus? Honoring our playful side often unleashes our creativity and productivity in surprising ways. Notice what happens this summer as you are living your ‘Makes My Heart Sing’ list!