“Good fortune is what happens when opportunity meets with planning.” – Thomas Alva Edison

I traveled out of town recently for a four-day visit with extended family. Knowing that we would be spending our time enjoying each other’s company, I packed light and brought very little work with me. Yet, during my first day of travel, I received an intriguing email. It was a professional opportunity with a time-sensitive element. I decided I wanted to respond, but realized I would need immediate access to two pieces I had written several months ago on my office computer.

Bingo! Despite being seven hundred miles away from my office, I realized I had instant access to the files. At the advice of my tech consultant last year, I began saving all of my documents online rather than on the specific computer I was using to create them. My greatest motivation, at the time, had been the ability to access a document from different computers while I was still working on it.

Training myself to follow that one tip, though, ensured that I had everything I needed when an unexpected opportunity arose. Once I landed at our destination, I pulled up the documents I needed, drafted a response, and sent everything on its way. With that handled, I was able to return my full attention to spending time with my loved ones.

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