Strategic Planning

To deliver on a big vision, an organization needs a clear, written plan that people understand and own. We work with small businesses, independent school and universities, and congregations to create comprehensive, multi-year strategic plans.

  • our eight-step process guides teams through planning to implementation
  • the process is as essential and transformative for the organization as the plan
  • community is included, informed, and invested in the process and plan

Leadership Development

We work with leaders and teams in small businesses, independent schools, and universities. Through our coaching and training programs:

  • increase productivity and efficiency of leadership teams
  • identify and address communication breakdowns between stakeholder groups
  • shift boards and organizational leadership teams from tactical to strategic thinking
  • discern with leaders actionable steps to reach their individual and organizational goals

 Writing in the Workplace

We provide individual and team training in corporate settings to increase efficiency and accuracy in workplace writing. Our clients master basic techniques to:

  • eliminate grammatical errors in email correspondence and formal reports
  • produce written material with increased efficiency and ease
  • demonstrate awareness of appropriate tone and structure their workplace writing

Public Speaking

One of the most important skills a leader can possess is the ability to connect well when speaking. We work with leaders in business and education to:

  • develop authentic, inspirational, and memorable content
  • utilize constructive feedback about pace, presentation, tone, and diction
  • include humor that is specific and effective for the target audience
  • deliver rehearsed and extemporaneous speeches with confidence and skill

If you think confidence in public speaking is found only through practice and hard work, think again. Our approach includes a ʻsecret ingredientʼ of preparation that transforms how our clients experience themselves as public speakers. We love hearing our clients share their positive results and the amazement that comes with it!