One of my clients experienced a notable milestone this week. Weeks of hard work and intentional preparation culminated in a successful event that unfolded nearly exactly like his envisioned ‘optimal’ outcome. During a quick check-in call after the event, he identified for me the many pieces of both the process and the outcome that had gone well. Then he shared that he was not sure yet where to focus next.

“Take a moment to celebrate,” I offered. “Stand in the place you are and capture everything there is to notice about this moment. Write down what went well and what you want to change for next time. Bring as much intention to your process of celebration and reflection as you did to your preparation.”

This client is up to big things in the world. His recent event was an entry point to the greater goals he has and larger contributions he will likely make on his path. By capturing the clarity he has at this moment in time, he creates a reference point to review when he prepares for another event in a month or a year from now.

The next time you reach a milestone, consider savoring and celebrating the moment with the same level of intentionality you invested in preparation. Before looking to see what is next, honor the value of celebration as an act of completion. Allow yourself time to reflect and record all that comes through. In taking the time to complete through celebration, you effectively clear space to allow the next new adventure to emerge with clarity and alignment. Enjoy!