Happy First Week of November!

Three years ago, a team of dynamic friends and colleagues worked with me to bring a vision to reality. We called the project The Gratitude Gala. In November 2010, over a hundred people gathered together for an evening of gratitude, joy, artistic expression, and community. Before each performance, the artists spoke briefly about who they were honoring or thanking with their performance. One member of our team, Rick, flew a young friend home from college for the day. She spent time with her family and then joined us in the evening to perform a special song for Rick’s elderly friend and mentor. Her voice was one of many that filled the room with heartfelt emotion. The expressions of gratitude shared that night uplifted us all.

Since that transformative event, people have continued to reach out to share how gratitude has transformed their lives. People also share with me the research and work others are doing around the world. One member of our original team sent me a link to this video with a message that read, “Of course this made me think of you. And Landmark. And how it really works. Thank you for showing me what a difference gratitude can make.”

I hope you enjoy this video as much as we did.

Scientists Discover One of the Greatest Contributing Factors to Happiness–You’ll Thank Me Later